Best 5 Ghee Tips You Will Read This Year(2020)

Top 5 amazing benefits of Pure Ghee lets start with what is Ghee? Ghee is pure butterfat. It is a type of clarified butter. It is a staple ingredient in Pakistani and Indian cooking. It is better than butter. You can use to make different sweets like Loki ka Halwa, Gajar ka halwa, Chana Dal Halwa, Sheer Khurma or you can also enjoy it with different Paratha. You can use it to toast bread. If you want to know how to make pure ghee at home so just Click Here.

Benefits Of Ghee

Here are top 5 amazing benefits of Pure Desi Ghee.

1. High Smoke Time

A temperature at which oil starts to burn is called smoke point. The high smoke time make the ghee ideal for high heat cooking such as deep frying and saute. 250 C is the smoke time of ghee.

2. For Bones

Pure ghee is very beneficial for bones. It gives the strength to bones. Ghee has vitamin K which makes your bones strong. Ghee helps to maintain the calcium in your bones. It is good for cranky joints. It soothes inflammation. It increases lubrication in your joints.

Desi Ghee Banane Ka Tarika - Desi Ghee From Unsalted Butter Recipe by KooKingK

3. Good For Brain

Pure ghee is very good for brain development. It improves the brain function. DHA is a primary structural component of brain, retina and skin. Ghee is rich with DHA. During trimester pregnant woman in Pakistan and India are eats lots of desi ghee for their baby brain development.

4. For Weight Gain

Ghee can make you gain weight. Pure ghee is good for weight gaining. Ghee is rich with saturated fat and also has vitamin A, D and E.  Use milk with desi ghee is very effective for weight gain. You don’t need to buy it from stores and online you can easily make it with unsalted butter.

5. For Constipation

Ghee is very beneficial for constipation. It has butyric acid. A butyric acid has anti-inflammatory effects which is very useful for digestion. Taking 1 to 2 tablespoon of ghee with hot milk at bedtime relieve the constipation.

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