5 Proven And Amazing Benefits Of Onion

All vegetables are very important for health. Onion belongs to the allium family of vegetables. It is the most widely cultivated vegetable. Onion is pack with lots of nutrients. It is rich in vitamin c. Onions are a very good source of dietary fiber.  It contains calcium, iron and protein. It is fat-free and has low sodium. Onion has a bio-active compound. So everybody should need to know about the benefits of onion.

Benefits of Onion

There are 5 proven and amazing benefits of Onion

1. Cure Cancer

Onion is very effective to cure cancer especially stomach and colorectal cancer. The scientist said that consuming alliums family vegetable such as garlic, chives, leeks, and onions prevent the peoples from colorectal cancer. Red onions are very effective at killing colon and breast cancer cells. The color of the red onion shows the high anthocyanin. It is a pigment that increases the effectiveness of quercetin that is very powerful to fight against cancer.

2. For Hairs

Another benefit of onion is for hair. Onions are full of sulfur which is very good for hair. It improves blood circulation and supplies the blood to hair follicles which improve hair growth. Onion has anti-bacterial properties. It kills the bacteria and also useful for hair lice. Applying onion juice into your scalp is beneficial for hairs to regrow and also reverse the premature grey hair.

5 Proven And Amazing Benefits Of Onion

3. Weight Loss

Onion is very effective for weight loss because onions are low in calories and sodium. It is a fat-free vegetable. It has flavonoid which prevents fat accumulation and boosts the metabolism. Onions have fiber and folic acid and vitamin b. all these are very helpful for the body to make new cells.

4. For Skin

Onion has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties its fight against inflammation and kills the bacteria. The anti-inflammatory property of onion reduces high blood pressure and prevents blood clots. Their anti-bacterial property protects the skin from acne-causing bacteria. Onion juice has natural skin lightening properties that fight against your dark spots and removes the scars.

5. Reduce Pain

Onion is very effective to relieve pain. Onion is rich in sulfur which fights against inflammation. It helps to reduce arthritis pain. Onion breaks up congestion and toxins under the skin that cause swelling, inflammation and pain. Heated onion juice reduces the pain and heals sprains.

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